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The Pacific Battle of the Tenaru(HD)
Duration: 6:52Views: 33,389
HBO The Pacific - Hillbilly's death
Duration: 4:23Views: 107,365
HBO's The Pacific: Sledge's Bunker
Duration: 3:14Views: 2,925,826
The Pacific:   Naval Bombardment scene
Duration: 3:45Views: 1,438,490
The Pacific-Suicide Bomb Scene(HD)
Duration: 2:37Views: 2,309,626
The Pacific:  Desperate for Water
Duration: 2:18Views: 817,822
The Pacific - Meet Tojo.
Duration: 1:29Views: 2,044,348
The Pacific-Japanese Prisoner Scene(HD)
Duration: 2:20Views: 257,509
The Pacific Guadalcanal
Duration: 9:34Views: 7,839
Why Planes Don't Fly Over the Pacific Ocean
Duration: 9:23Views: 11,146,830