The Pacific Download

The Pacific: Peleliu Airfield Scene
Duration: 7:34Views: 397,068
The Pacific (final scene)
Duration: 10:00Views: 101,084
The Pacific: Anatomy of a War (HBO)
Duration: 9:59Views: 468,082
The Pacific-Suicide Bomb Scene(HD)
Duration: 2:37Views: 2,284,334
HBO The Pacific - Hillbilly's death
Duration: 4:23Views: 94,095
The Pacific. Chesty's Speech (HBO Series)
Duration: 3:23Views: 341,386
Best Stuff I've Seen (The Pacific)
Duration: 1:37Views: 71,491
The Pacific - Lemonade
Duration: 1:28Views: 11,478
The Pacific-Japanese Prisoner Scene(HD)
Duration: 2:20Views: 245,903
The Pacific:   Naval Bombardment scene
Duration: 3:45Views: 1,334,040
"The Pacific"-Robert Leckie & Vera
Duration: 5:54Views: 563,385
The Pacific:  Desperate for Water
Duration: 2:18Views: 689,967
The Pacific - Cpt. Haldane 's Death
Duration: 3:24Views: 1,249,899