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Songs Played Backwards Have Hidden Meanings
Duration: 5:49Views: 8,994,593
플레이백 (Playback) - Playback MV
Duration: 3:15Views: 3,592,858
JoJo Siwa - BOOMERANG (Official Video)
Duration: 3:32Views: 724,987,978
Are There EVIL Messages in Backwards Songs?
Duration: 10:36Views: 8,932,982
Fleur East - Sax (Official Video)
Duration: 4:00Views: 76,830,230
Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Karaoke Version)
Duration: 3:42Views: 12,857,028
Lukas Graham - 7 Years (Karaoke Version)
Duration: 4:16Views: 33,330,484
John Legend - All of Me (Karaoke Version)
Duration: 4:59Views: 51,282,275
Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Karaoke Version)
Duration: 4:49Views: 56,404,336
N2Deep - Back To The Hotel
Duration: 4:08Views: 31,695,346
Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (Karaoke Version)
Duration: 4:18Views: 34,889,987
Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road (Audio)
Duration: 2:46Views: 217,620,856
Player - Baby Come Back
Duration: 3:56Views: 89,212,485
Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J
Duration: 3:45Views: 2,609,762,188
HILARIOUS Hidden Messages in Backwards Songs!
Duration: 11:59Views: 5,153,472