Pranking my Auntie with 'Ed Sheeran - Castle on the hill' Lyrics!!

My Auntie thought i was a drug dealer wtf?!? Lmaooo

Big thanks to Ed Sheeran for releasing some more insane songs, absolute lyrical genius!!

Check out the original :
Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill [Official Lyric Video]

Funny thing is most this song actually fits into my life, when i was 6 i fractured my shin bone, my auntie and uncle had a little house that was next to a castle on a hill... and at 15 i was running away from police with friends quite alot... Strange coincidence haha!

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If you read this comment 'Who else watched this while in a Castle on the hill?' bellow to confuse everyone else!!
Published: 17:00 08-01-2017
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